Friday, November 9, 2007

the trouble with timing and travel

And, no, it's not the same problem.  Really, they each have several.  Anyway.  That really is a terrible entry title.  And a poor Star Trek reference to boot.  I should come up with something better.  Damn my brain.

My watch looks even awesome-er thanks to Photo Booth's comic book effect.

What was this post supposed to be about?  Oh right, watches.  So.  My lovely metal digital Swatch lost its faceplate a couple months ago.  Ever since I've lived in fear of accidently forgetting to take it off before stepping into the shower.  I love this watch.  It's silver.  It's thin.  It's digital.  I refuse to read normal clock faces.  There's no need for that anymore.  Numbers, people, numbers.  My watch still looks great (possibly even better than when it had a faceplate as it's no longer scratched and you can see some of its guts), but it gets slow after a couple weeks and I just know I'm going to drown it someday soon.

Then, a miracle happened.  Or so I thought.  I was walking around Times Square on my way to dinner with a friend a couple weeks ago and I pass the Swatch store.  They should be able to fix Swatches, don't yo think?  And tiny plastic disks shouldn't cost very much.  But, oh no.  Not only can't my watch be fixed at the store, Swatch doesn't even make replacement faceplates!
So now I have no choice.  My current watch's days are numbered.  I'll need to buy a new one.  I did a great deal of internet-scouring and found this super amazing company.  Now, I know what I wrote just a couple paragraphs ago about demanding readability of my time telling devices.  But.....just look at the amazing hotness of this watch.  It may make me a complete watch hypocrite but, as soon as my Swatch dies, I'm buying it in clear.  Yum.

And now for carry-ons.  I'm going to London on Sunday for a few days to hopefully further my quest for employment.  This time I am not going to deal with baggage claim.  It's frustrating and customs at Heathrow takes long enough by itself.  But I always check because, well, I need my shampoo and eye cream.  I was at Linens'n Things the other day and I saw this cute carry-on kit filled with tiny clear bottles and containers.  I'm a sucker for containers in general, but miniaturize them and I'm almost certainly in love.  Now I have an excuse, er I mean reason, to buy them.  I spent a good hour today slowly pour body wash & co into them.  Hopefully I get through security!