Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have finally and at long last moved. And, because of careful planning and many many trips to Target, I managed to bring almost all of the furniture and stuff I might ever need with me in my parents' van. Of course, there's always a couple more things that I just absolutely need. The nearest Target is in Brooklyn and I didn't feel like trekking all the way there for a couple tiny plastic drawers. I almost went to the Muji section of MoMA's Design Store (really, it's not that expensive, you just have to be able to convert inches to centimeters to figure out dimensions). I might go back for their tiny stapler.

The previous day I had come across a wonderland of plastic, wire mesh, canvas and cardboard called The Container Store. It's two floors of every kind of box, closet organizer, drawer, file and other storage media imaginable. I picked up four of these beauties for my horde of makeup and jewelry. Boy do I love translucent plastic. Check out this stuff too:

A tiny version of the lasercut acrylic chandelier

A create your own size bag dispenser

A translucent plastic chair

And, of course, more delicious cube storage