Tuesday, November 17, 2009

things i learned this weekend

1. The tasting menu at Craigie, while delicious, requires no eating for at least two days prior to attempting, instead of the one I had assumed.

2. If there is a hole in the bottom of your shoe, and you step in a puddle, your foot gets wet. And, since your foot is now encased in a wet shoe, it will not dry.

3. Urban Outfitters *still* has half off women's clearance...this situation is becoming serious.

4. Fresh Pond is considerably closer than I thought. However, the bus that goes there only comes once an hour.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

things i learned today, v

1. Places which do not sell cute shower curtains which do not clash with the colors of my bathroom include:
Harvard Square (Hootenany, Urban, Dickenson)
Cambridgeside Galleria (Macy's, Sears)
Downtown Crossing (Macy's, CVS)
Quincy Market (Crate and Barrel, Urban, some other random shops)
Kendall Square (COOP)

2. Places which do sell shower curtains compatible with my bathroom include:

Guess where I went last?

3. Ways not to spend your Wednesday off: hunting for shower curtains.

At least my mother will have completely mold and mildew - free shower curtains when she visits.

Monday, November 9, 2009

things i learned today, iv

1. Talking to executive customer service actually ends in the thing you wanted getting done, just like on Consumerist.

2. Crashes in software I'm not actually working on do not get solved by me rambling off the things I think might be wrong.

3. It is possible for my mother to figure out digital cameras, photo transferring, Picasa, Dropbox and gchat, and to use them all simultaneously. Color me impressed.

4. Google Sites has a 100 mb attachment limit. This spells trouble.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

things i learned today, part iii

1. iTunes will just break and break and break and break, but won't necessarily give you any clues as to why.

2. Organs are yummy.

3. As are chocolate truffles involving lemon and pepper.

4. Inconvenient things have no regard for when your roommate wants to go to brunch.

5. Writing about oneself is difficult and akward. Honestly, though, I already knew. It is one of the few constants in my life.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

things i learned today, part ii

1. Hair that has been dyed dark red for 6 years will refuse to turn strawberry blonde. Even after two trips to the salon.

2. Playing the Wii kill-people-with-swords game for 20 minutes without pausing after not playing for a month will give you a huge blister on your thumb. And by you I am, of course, referring to myself.

3. Doing a face mask really does make my skin feel better. I hope it's not temporary magic.

4. I don't remember hearing any of Lady Gaga's music before I listened to her album today. I have, however, read innumerable blog posts about her, and her lack of pants. The music wasn't actually bad.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

things i learned today, part i

1. Even if iTunes says it's synced your iPod, that doesn't mean your iPod will actually believe it has music on it.

2. Just because a Windows XP reinstall disk utterly fails to reinstall Windows on its own machine, doesn't mean that it won't install just fine somewhere else.

3. Copernicus (my bosses' dog) is both fascinated and threatened by light reflected off of CDs.

4. Some tiny graphics cards don't have fans. Instead they have heat sinks that look like gold anemones.

5. Also, Lauren made an awesome hat.