Thursday, January 7, 2010

old projects and new

I've been, er, busy for past few weeks. My unusual amount of productivity is catching up with me in the form of mild exhaustion, but before I fall asleep and an impenetrable forest of nettles grows around me which can only cleared by the laser cutter of my dreams, I thought I would share with the internet all my progress.

I've updated my portfolio website with my new professional, independent and craft projects from the past year. I even managed to dig out the source code for my project browser and updated that too. Yay data visualization!

When I was at home for the holidays I finally managed to photograph the remains of my childhood projects that were littering my old room and basement. Behold, the flickr set of my childhood:

I'm trying to get my mother to fire the large bust and mail it to me. I've been wanting to display that thing since I made it in 10th grade.

And, drum roll, I have made an etsy store! A keen observer may have noticed the link I added to the right a couple days ago. I am now selling three whole different types of things! Someone should buy one! Possibly you?

In any case, please wish my fledging entrepreneurial venture luck.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new years memes

I had a small New Year's party to ring in 2010. The theme of the evening was memes, specifically those of the internet and pop culture varieties. I turned some of the more well know memes of the last decade into vectors and cut them on my new Craft ROBO, which, by the way, is about the awesomest thing ever. Check out the flickr set below: