Thursday, October 15, 2009

testing, testing. one. two. three.

Attempting to embed a Wave using Madoqua Wave Bot...

And for those of you without Wave:

My Google Wave account finally appears to be (sort of) working! While I definetly enjoyed the Firefly-ness of the the "shiny" error, I'm glad it's no longer constant. And, thanks to the awesome bloggy bot that lets me turn waves in to blogpost, you, dear reader, get another lovely post from me. If this goes well, you may even get several. Congradulations to you. I'm not sure how to turn spellcheck on in here, so they may be a bit misspelled, but I will do my best.

In other Google-related news, I've helped my mother rebuild her website in Google Sites. I think it looks much better than her last one and, in any case, has quite a few new quilts. Check it out here. She's decided to get an actual domain name this time, but has yet to decide on a name.

I've also been being crafty, as always. I folded 100 Lang beauty roses. You can see the flickr set here, although I really wish I could figure out how to embed the slideshow :( Hopefully someone will write an extension soon.

I also made a Lego cake with my friend Mary for our boss's birthday. The results can be seen here.

I've done other things, like reorganize my kitchen with my roommate and thoroughly clean my stove, but, tragically, they don't have flickr sets. Since wave is still crashing about every 30 seconds, I think this about all for now. For anyone having the same "shiny" errors should check out this thread.

Coming Soon: my trip to Norway.

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