Thursday, December 10, 2009

i made some things!

It's been awhile since my last project. Work has been keeping me pretty busy, both in terms of mental horsepower and actual time, so I've been less inclined to tinker.

However, I was inspired by my recent computer purchase's packaging (and, really, when am I not inspired by packaging?) and I've got the making stuff bug back. Below are my first two salvos. If I get what I want for xmas, there'll be lots more projects soon!

iDevice stands from corner packaging. I cut a channel down the center for the cord and painted the whole thing white to match my strict red/white bedroom color scheme.

A further mod to my Expedit "dresser". Formerly, this shelf had eight boxes in it serving as drawers, but what I really wanted was more hanging space. I unscrewed the top (well, actually the side) and removed the interior shelves on half the unit, reattached the end piece and put in a tension rod. Et voila, a place to hang my shirts!

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