Tuesday, March 9, 2010

small project roundup

My productivity continues! I've been doing a bunch of small, apartment-improving projects over the past couple weeks. I hacked apart my ottoman and filled it with bedding for my sleeper couch:

Created a new home for our many, many remotes:


Which reminds me, I need to play more Wii....

And! I've conned my roommate into letting me make things for his room too! This mail sorter is the first:

Vinyl records are terribly brittle and hard to cut. This design took a while to work out successfully.

Of course, I don't spend quite all of my time at home. I'm taking an electronics class at the Harvard Extension School. Soon I'll be able to make projects that have tiny brains of their own! This is a sticker I cut for my class notes binder and my very first circuit which compares the identities of two two-bit numbers.

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