Friday, April 9, 2010


Ever since I got my Craft Robo I haven't been able to stop making things with it. Or offering to help other people make things with it. When I do offer (which is pretty much anytime I meet a new person) I usually get a polite nod and smile, and maybe some vague mention of a possible future project. However, when I asked Matt, my weekend lab TA, if he would like a custom sticker of some kind he had an idea right away.

Matt makes and produces music, and thus has amp cases. Amp cases are, apparently, pretty boring looking, and can certainly be enhanced by a funkily-shaped sticker. Matt made a preliminary typographic design in Illustrator which he sent to me for some refinement and, obviously, actual sticker production. When I cut my own designs I try, as much as possible, to keep all of the sticker-areas contiguous for relatively easy peeling and placement. Matt's sticker, however, was made up of probably thousands of discreet areas. I warned him this would make placement difficult, but he was determined to try. Frankly, I was skeptical of his ability (read: patience for tweezering and individually placing from a reference image image tiny fleck of sticky vinyl) to complete the task. Boy, was I wrong!

Here are the results:

I can't say I'd have the patience to do something similar, but I'm glad Matt was able to pull this off so well.

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