Sunday, September 16, 2007


I did it! Woo hoo. Check out my brand-spanking-new instructable. I totally rock for doing what I said I was going to. I've also decided, in addition to my million and one computer-y architecture firms, I'm also going to apply to Apple. I even found three whole jobs I at least sort of qualify for. So perhaps my enduring love for my macbook pro will turn into something more. Now if only I could find that hypercard presentation I made in 4th grade....

I also cleaned my room. Like, picked up all the garbage in it and everything. Aren't you amazed? I also made my bed. Although, admittedly, it was mostly for this picture. I really don't get why we, as humans, make beds. We're just going to sleep in them again in 18hrs. I think it's really a lot of wasted effort. If no one made his/her bed maybe we could use all that extra energy to cure AIDS or light a lightbulb for a year or something.

I need to find out how to make an accelerometer for my sister's science project. Oh the days of PJAS. When the world was simple and all I wanted was to get spiders high on herbal supplements.

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Adam Rogal said...

I realize I did not comment on this post yet. But good job!

I didn't read the post, but I'm sure it was good.