Tuesday, August 26, 2008

heels and paper robots

My bank account eventually recovered from its trip to Brooklyn, and I've been putting it to use buying some cool stuff in Manhattan too.

Chinese Laundry shoes - Yes, I know, Chinese Laundry isn't the most amazing brand ever. But I've always wanted a pair, and just never actually bought one. Until my sister came to visit me and we went to DSW. Ah, peer pressure. Or sibling pressure anyway.

Japanese Paper-Tube Robot - This little guy came in the form of several thin, multi-colored paper tubes that I cut down and assembled by following the pictographic instructions. My mantis-bot turned out super cute and fully posable.

Stack of Translucent Drawers + Set of Wheels - Which I hacked together with the power of an exacto knife, my hot glue gun and some elbow-grease. Now I've got plenty of moveable space to put my surplus electronic bits and supplies. This has either helped improve/exacerbated my storage situation. In any case, it matches my tiny makeup drawers perfectly. And it's a good place to stick post-its.

But the pièce de résistance of my recent purchases is definitely my brand new United Nude Eamz shoes. They even have their own instructable. And the brand was started by Rem Koolhaus. Now that's my kind of shoe.

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Anonymous said...

A Rem Koolhas, but not The Rem - United Nude's CD is Famous Rem's nephew.