Tuesday, August 26, 2008

renegade craft fair

Sorry, no clever title for this one. I think "renegade" is a cool enough name for a craft fair all by itself.

The renegade craft fair was held in Brooklyn a couple months ago. It's a really neat gathering of artists and small vendors selling some awesome stuff. Some of which I bought. See below:

The Weekend Store
- Jewelry from old mechanical objects, like typewriters and analog watches.

Book Journals
- Notebooks made from the covers, and a few of the pages, of old books. I found a records management textbook for myself and an old 5th edition webster's for my sister. She also has a (whole) copy of the dictionary that she "inherited" from my mother. But that's another story.

The Intuitive Gardener - Interesting hand painted jewelry.

And, finally....

Compai - designers of really cool remixed clothing. I bought this great off white vest-ish thing. I'll have to find a pic of it on.

From them I found out about Burdastyle. I still have yet to actually sew one of their patterns, but I have plans.

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