Saturday, December 22, 2007

back from ny

While I was there I (of course) stopped at the MoMA design store. And, well, I found some things I just couldn't not buy. My favorite by far is this sign by Richard Tipping. I love signage to my very soul and a bit of paranoia is good for everyone.

Sadly, the artist's website is under construction but there's still enough there to get a flavor of his work. Hopefully the online store will be back soon...I need to decorate my new apartment.


samuelm said...

It's a small world we live in. I'm studying at the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia, and I had Richard Tipping as a lecturer in my first year for documentary filmmaking, there are many of his signs and sculptures at the Lake Macquarie Regional Art Gallery.

He showed us a documentary he had made at university, a somewhat gruesome film- showing the process of chickens being killed, plucked and cooked in a factory, but it was intended to be confronting.
If I can find a copy I'll be sure to youtube it and let you know.

Cheers, Samuel.

Jenna Fizel said...

That'd be great. Thanks!

Sachi said...

This is great info to know.