Monday, December 10, 2007

the hits just keep on coming...

Following close on the heels of the raging success of my latest instructable, my lovely paper folding applets have been linked to by the Fitful Flog. This is, of course, awesome. But my MIT webspace runs out in January and my website will go poof. I think it's time to get serious about choosing a new host.

I've been doing a lot of holiday shopping of late and it got me thinking about an old (possibly true) story that my 10th grade history (during our local history section) and science (during our topography section) teachers told my class. My city used to have a lot of mob money running through it. Among other things, it supposedly funded the design and construction of our local mall. If you look at a map, the mall looks suspiciously like a handgun pointed pretty directly at city hall. Thanks to the wonder that is Google Maps, the story seems to be true. Take a look for yourselves:

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