Saturday, December 8, 2007


I finally got to upgrade my old phone.  I hate phones, so I didn't really expect to be excited by this (I assumed anything short of an iPhone would leave me frustrated at best) until I saw the Chocolate's scroll wheel.  It lights up.  It follows your movement.  It's shiny.  And the other keys make the phone vibrate ever so slightly.  Yummy haptic feedback.  And I found a Psapp's Hi as a ringtone.  I still don't know if I'll like actually calling people anymore than previously.  But I do enjoy scrolling through my contact list.  I just hope I don't ruin the slide mechanism.

I've also found a really excellent lamp.  I sincerely hope whatever apartment I find is in need of a light fixture.  Design shopping websites are dangerous things.

I can add another notch to my baking-bedpost.  I made banana bread all by my lonesome yesterday.  Must get all this cooking out of my system before moving to Manhattan.

Here's your reward for reading this post - my ringtone.

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