Saturday, February 16, 2008


While looking through an old photo album of my mother's before the holidays I found this amazing photo of myself in my all time favorite halloween costume, a blue crayon. I think I'm either 5 or 6 in the picture. My mother and the woman who babysat me would spend days sewing me a halloween costume each year. I've been a dragon, a tiger, Pocahontas, and Miss Havisham (though at the time I did think I was a bride), but none of those compares with my blue crayon.

Discussing this glorious example for my childhood weirdness with a friend led to the unearthing of the following photo of my long lost ninja turtle bed tent. As you can see, I was a great admirer of Miss Havisham's style as child.

I spent hours inside this thing counting all the Donatello's, Michelangelo's, Leonardo's, and Rapheal's. The tent was semi-transparent and there was some really amazing light inside it when my room light was turned on. While I'm on the subject of strange things I loved as a kid, I ought to include my 4th grade presentation on time travel. I actually researched this out and made all sorts of little explanatory animations in hypercard. The original file is, sadly, lost to the gods of floppy disks, but I managed to find a hard copy and make some scans:

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