Saturday, February 16, 2008

treasures from the internet

Here's a quick review of the stuff I've dug up from bowels of google in the recent past:

Homeland Security Advisory Tower - Oh, Tom Ridge, I'm embarrassed you were my state's governor. At least some awesome public art got made out of it.

We Make Money Not Art - Yeah, I know I should have been reading this for years now. But I've finally got it bookmarked now.

Pre-Fab at MoMA
- That friction-fit house project of Larry's just keeps going and going....I'll be there as soon as it opens.

PC Album Art Screen Saver - Now all you PC users can enjoy staring at your album art slowly flip over for hours and hours

Mandolux Wallpaper
- This is some really excellent photography in nearly every resolution to fit even the oddest of desktops.

The Farnsworth Invention
- A really good play which, sadly, has very little to do with reality. Oh well. Go guy from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. + Safari - Finally, a button for posting to I can finally stop using Firefox.

Lego! - Makes me wish I'd brought my collection with when I moved.

NYC Subway for Google Earth
- Makes Google Earth useful for those of us who enjoy public transportation.

- A super convenient way to find an apartment.

Subtle Safety - I bet this thing would be great for opening packages.

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