Saturday, February 16, 2008

ode to brunch

Ok, not an actual ode. I'm not so good at poetry. But brunch is definitely my new favorite activity. Today's was shrimp and avocado eggs benedict over yuca hash browns with a mimosa. Oh so yummy. And much cheaper than dinner. There are quite a few advantages to living in the East Village but so far my favorite has to be all the restaurants that serve brunch. And the fact that they all have yelp reviews. Yelp really is amazingly useful for finding things. It's found me thai food, eggs benedict, zippers, yarn, and boba so far. I really should contribute some reviews to it myself. I'm really bad at actually participating in the things I use. But it's something I really, as a responsible user of the internet, should too. I should probably update my blog regularly too.

Since this post seems to be devolving into randomness, I'll add that I went to Century 21 again today (oh, the designer cheapness, downfall of my wallet) and got some amazing green/black/tan leather boots for $12.99. You should all go to Century 21 and buy things. Even if you don't live in NY. Just get on a plane. You'll make up for it with the money you save shopping there. Just take a look at their reciepts. It lists all the items you've bought and then, on the bottom in big numbers, the amount of money you've saved. According to my receipt, I saved $121.01 today. It's too bad I already threw it out. I think I should start saving them and make some sort of art piece. I think they say something interesting and complex about the American system of consumption. Hehe.

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