Sunday, February 17, 2008

round food is the devil

I ate sooooooooooooooo much today. And almost all of it was round. I have bunches of cute zoloft rocks in my tummy. I need to get this under control. But, oh, the deliciousness of Asian junk food. I realized, yesterday, that as I live in NY, there just might be some boba lying about the place somewhere. So, as I mentioned in my last post, I asked yelp and, lo, it provided me with several bobalicious options in my vicinity. I chose TKettle which, I was happy to find, used actual tea and a good amount of tapioca, although maybe a bit too much ice. That was to be lunch.

And it might have stopped there, and been perfectly fine, if not for the fact that a little bit of Asian junk food lead me to think about more Asian junk food. So, after trekking back to my apartment, asking yelp about Asian convenience stores, discovering there was one half a block from the boba place (oh, that I had an iPhone) and returning to 3rd Ave, I entered M2M, possibly the most dangerous food emporium I have ever set foot in. They had bao. Lots of bao. Pork bao and chicken bao and veggie bao and red bean bao. And a tiny, cute microwaveable steamer for $7. No more waiting 10 mins for my buns to steam. Oh no. Now I can nuke them in under 2.

Of course, M2M is a whole store and offers non-bao related yumminess. Like seaweed salad for less than $4 (my one concession to non-roundness today) and all those delicious Japanese candies. Sadly, they do not have the yogurt flavored starburst-esque chewy things I love so much. I wonder if I'll ever see them again. *tear*

I brought this feast home and slowly consumed 7 bao (ok, at least they were the tiny kind) the seaweed salad, my enormous boba, and some of the lovely spherical truffles I got from Vosges for Valentine's Day. Which has lead to my current state of watching Korean romantic comedies while patting my bloated stomach. Oh, truly, I live a life of glamour.

On a more positive note, I've finally found a grocery store I actually want to shop at that contains foods I'll actual cook. Ahem. Well, microwave. And tomorrow's a holiday so there's still a chance to redeem this weekend.

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